Seasonal specialities of our Blankenese cuisine, prepared in classical style.

Seasonal specialities of our Blankenese cuisine, prepared in classical style.

January to February: 
Skrei (type of cod) and freshly caught winter cod (skrei) caught near the Norwegian Lofoten.

The winter cod caught with a fishing line is a special delicacy.

February to March:
Freshly caught “Elbe stint“ from the Upper Elbe

 At the Easter weekend: we serve juicy lamb dishes.

Easter Saturday
with view of the Easter Bonfire as from 17:00 hrs, with table reservation only.


North Sea plaice “Büsum style“ with shrimps (top quality from the mud flats) or “Finkenwerder style” with bacon.
The organic asparagus season begins with classical dishes

Freshly caught herrings from the Schlei estuary, fried in the pan.


Crispy, small fried “May Plaice“ Büsum style or with bacon
Smoked eel, “Aal grün” (fresh eel) fried and served in dill and cream sauce with parsley potatoes, caught by the Blankenese fisherman Manne.

 Blankeneser Elbfischer Manne


"Helgoländer Knieper" (Heligoland crayfish)

From 16 June, start of the Blankenese Matjes Weeks, the new Dutch matjes herrings season. 

Blankenese Scampi Weeks, wir only use “Black Tiger“ prawns in seawater quality

Fungus specialities with chanterelles

Blankenese/Hamburg Days 
Delicious Hamburger eel soup

Blankenese Elbe eel, fried or smoked
and the traditional Hamburg seafarers’ dish
"Hamburger Labskaus"

Blankenese Mussel Weeks and pumpkin dishes


Blankenese Cabbage Days 
"Grööner Hein" with pears, beans and bacon


We will be taking reservations for the traditional St. Martin’s Goose

Curly cale with bacon and crispy sausage

Wild game specialities of the season


Karpfen blau (blue carp), served twice. Leg of rabbit Italian style
 ½ crispy duck and organic goose

Amendments possible depending on the season.

Status: April 2017