Blankenese Chanterelle Weeks

Blankenese Prawn & Chanterelle Weeks     2016
Home-made bread dumpling with chanterelles in cream, served with mixed seasonal
salad variations                                                                                                                    € 16.50

Herb crèpe filled with creamed chanterelles, served with salad of the season            € 17.50

Natural Beef (pasture cattle / Uruguay) 
Beef fillet steak “Ladies’ Cut“ 150g. with chanterelles and rosemary potatoes                                                                         € 29.90    
Master cut for every further 100g beef fillet steak                              €   9.50

Vegetarian Chanterelles
Portion chanterelles as accompaniment                                              €   9.90

Summer salad (marinated with sauce vinaigrette)
with chanterelles, served with home-made bread                                                                                                      € 15.90

Chanterelles with parsley scrambled egg, served with organic potatoes
from the Lüneburg Heath                                                                                                                   € 15.90

Tagliarini neri with chanterelles, tomatoes, chilli, Spring onions, young garlic and 
Parmesan cheese                                                                                                       € 16.90

Argentinian red prawn, caught in the wild, seawater quality (without shell)
As a starter
Tempura - 4 prawns with sweet chilli dip, served with homemade bread                             € 11,90                                    


Prawn and courgette kebab
6 prawns with sweet chilli dip, served with homemade bread                                    € 13,50                    

Salad varieties with grilled prawns, marinated with vinaigrette sauce
7 prawns, served with homemade bread                                     € 16,90

Prawn tagliarini“
7 prawns, tomatoes, olives, chilli pod and young garlic (spicy)                                   € 16,90

Mediterranean “Prawn stir fry“

7 prawns– fried in olive oil, rosemary and thyme, served with Mediterranean vegetables with chilli, young garlic, capers and 
rocket salad, homemade bread                                              € 19,90 

Blankenese “Curry & prawn stir fry“

9 prawns in curry and ginger, marinated with lemon-grass, spicy, served with Mediterranean vegetables and homemade bread                                                                                             € 22,90